Monday, April 26, 2010

Shawn Michaels

Michael Shawn Hickenbottom Better known by his ring name Shawn Michaels was born July 22, 1965 and is one of the best wrestlers to ever step foot in a ring. He was considered as one of WWE's senior performers having performed for over twenty years. Shawn began his wrestling career with (AWA) American Wrestling Association. During his time with AWA he performed in partnership with Marty Jannetty as the Midnight Rockers, winning the AWA World Tag Team championships twice. Shawn and Jannetty then signed with World Wrestling Federation (WWF), while in contract with AWA. They returned to AWA, only to go back to the WWF in 1988. In the WWF they were renamed as simply "The Rockers” The Rockers continued their partnership, eventually splitting on December 2, 1991 during an incident on Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake's televised Barber Shop talk show promotional segment. Shawn Michaels then superkicked Jannetty and pushed him through a Glass window on the segment. Soon after Jannetty disappeared from the company and Michaels became a villain known as "The Boy Toy. At the suggestion from "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, Michaels then adopted the nickname "The Heartbreak Kid. Shawn’s new gimmick was a vain and cocky villain. He was soon put together with Manager Sensational Sherri; Sherri even sang the first version of his new theme music, "Sexy Boy”. and when he left the arena, he announced "Shawn Michaels has left the building”

Shawn soon entered a staged rivalry with Razor Ramon, this feud culminated in a ladder match between the two at WrestleMania X. Michaels lost the match, which featured both his and Ramon's belts suspended above a ladder in the ring. At the 1998 Royal Rumble, Michaels received a legitimate back injury in a Casket match against The Undertaker. Michaels took a back body drop to the outside of the ring and smashed his lower back on the casket, causing him to herniate two discs and crush one completely. This forced Michaels into retirement after losing the WWF Championship to Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIV. Many said he would never be able to make a return. Nevertheless, in 2002 Michaels returned to wrestling and was brought into the New World Order (nWo) by Kevin Nash as a new member of the group. Soon after the nWo disbanded and Triple H and Shawn reunited DX when they were about to drop their signature suck it taunt, Triple H turned on Shawn and Pedigreed him. A week later, Triple H attacked Michaels from behind in a parking lot and put his head through a car window. In response, Michaels challenged Triple H to a Street Fight at SummerSlam, which Triple H accepted. Michaels won at SummerSlam but was attacked by Triple H after the match with a sledge hammer.At the 2002 Suvivor Series Shawn defeated Triple H for the World title in the first ever Elimination Chamber match. Michaels' reign as champion came to an end when he lost the championship to Triple H in a Three Stages of Hell match.

Slowly DX started reforming with both Shawn and Hunter doing the Crotch chop in their matches at WrestleMania 22. During Triple H's gauntlet match, which had him compete against the Spirit Squad, Michaels came in to help Triple H and the two did the DX "crotch chop. At Vengeance, DX defeated the Spirit Squad in a 5–on–2 handicap match. DX lasted for only 1 year and slowly started breaking up again to respectively go in to single competition feuds. Shawn then put out a challenge to The Undertaker who he wanted to fight at WrestleMania 25 the feud started building up when Shawn would come out every week and super kick Undertaker. The Matched happened at WrestleMania 25 and it was a match that went down in history, many thought that Shawn was going to finally end the immortal undefeated WrestleMania streak.100s of fan signs were held up and said 16-1 but alas it was not to be. HBK made a tiny mistake which Undertaker Took advantage of and picked up the win, boosting the streak to an ever higher number of 17-0. Shawn was not seen on TV since that match for about four months. There was a storyline were he gave up wrestling and became a fry cook at a restaurant. Triple H then called Shawn and asked him for his help to take out The Legacy.(Cody Rhodes) and (Ted DiBase). After Shawn came back DX reunited once again defeating Legacy in a Hell in A Cell match. DX captured the unified tag team championships for the first time in there illustrious career from Chris Jericho and Big Show. Soon after DX lost the belts to Big Show and Miz a few months later.

At the WWE Slammy awards, Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker at WrestleMania 25 was voted match of the year. He then challenged The Undertaker again at WrestleMania 26. The Undertaker declined the match and told Shawn if he wanted him he would have to win the Royal Rumble, Shawn made it to the last four men in the Rumble but was eliminated by Batista. Shawn was going crazy he had to find a way to make Undertaker change his mind. So he took measures into his own hands and cost The Phenom his world title at the Elimination Chamber PPV by coming from under the chamber and super kicking the Undertaker him, which lead to Chris Jericho winning the Title.

The next night on RAW Undertaker was furious about what happened. Undertaker then accepted Shawn’s challenge and so it was settled. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels II at WrestleMania 26, but Undertaker had a stipulation. If Shawn were to lose the match, he would have to Retire from the WWE, Shawn then accepted and said "If I can’t beat you Undertaker....I have no Career” Many once again though that Undertakers steak was at risk of being ended even myself. The match was on at WrestleMania 26. The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels was defeated by The Undertaker, who was now 18-0 at WrestleMania. Witnessing an Amazing career come to and end, Undertaker helped Shawn up and HBK had wrestled his final match. The show ended with Shawn walking up the ramp leaving. The next night on RAW Shawn gave his final farewell to the WWE universe. This was a very emotional night for everyone. Shawn Michael’s storybook career was over and he had written the last chapter in it. There will never be a person like Shawn Michaels ever again. The Heart Break Kid, The Show Stopper, The Headliner, The Main event. Shawn Michaels...October 16, 1984 - March 28, 2010.

Article by Wes

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chris Kanyon

Chris Klucsaritis, who competed as Chris Kanyon, was found dead Friday night at his apartment in the Sunnyside section of Queens, New York. He was 40 years old.

Klucsaritis' death is believed to be suicide as a longtime friend reports that a pill bottle and several notes were found close to his body.

He had been vocal about suffering from a bipolar disorder and had threatened suicide many times in the past according to those close with him. He told one friend as recently as Monday that he was going through another bout of depression and contemplating suicide.

Kanyon also worked as a masked character named Mortis in World Championship Wrestling and had a run with World Wrestling Entertainment beginning in 2001 which resulted in reigns with the WCW United States Championship and WWF Tag Team Championship. He garnered headlines following his 2004 departure from WWE by going public with his homosexuality and claiming WWE fired him for being gay. Although he retired from wresting at one point, he returned to the ring and worked matches on occasion.

He, along with Scott Levy (Raven) and Michael Sanders, attempted to sue WWE for "cheating them out of health care and other benefits" but a federal judge in Stamford, Connecticut dismissed the case. With the recent coming out the closet from bisexual wrestler Orlando Jordan there could have been a spot for Kanyon in TNA wrestling.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chris Jericho

Christopher Keith Irvine better known by his ring name Chris Jericho was born November 9, 1970 and is an American born Canadian professional wrestler, television, stage actor, author and rock musician. Jericho is currently signed with WWE wrestling on the smackdown brand. Jericho was also in WCW and ECW; he is credited for being the first ever undisputed champion in WWE history. Jericho has won the WWE intercontinental championship a record 9 times. Jericho is a five time world champion having won the WCW championship twice, the ninth Triple Crown champion and the Fourth Grand slam champion. In 1996 thanks to a recommendation by the late great Chris Benoit and Paul Heyman, Jericho began wrestling for the Philadelphia-based ECW. Winning the ECW world television championship while in ECW Chris Jericho made a name for himself wrestling top guys like Cactus Jack, Sabu and Rob Van Dam.

On August 26, 1996 Jericho made his first appearance with WCW. One year later Jericho defeated Syxx (Sean Waltman) for the Cruiserweight Championship for the first time. Jericho then became Heel after he won the title a third time against Rey Mysterio. Jericho then began a long feud with Dean Malenko in which Jericho repeatedly claimed he was a better wrestler than Malenko but refused to wrestle him. Because of his mastery of technical wrestling Malenko was known as "The Man of 1000 Holds," so Jericho claimed to be "The Man of 1004 holds." In the weeks before Jericho's WWF debut a clock labeled Countdown to the new millennium appeared on WWF programming. On the home video Break the Walls Down, Jericho states he was inspired to do this as his entrance when he saw a similar clock in a post office. Finally the clock ran down on August 9, 1999 in Chicago Illinois while The Rock was in the ring doing a promo. Jericho entered the arena and proclaimed himself "Y2J"...A spin of that whole Y2K scare thing that was supposedly going to happen in the year 2000, but never came to fruition.

Jericho's first match was against the Road Dogg Y2J would lose the match by disqualification after power bombing Road Dogg through a table. Jericho’s finishing moves in the WWE is the lionsault in which he would jump and bound off the second rope and flip into a moonsault onto his opponent. Jericho's second finisher is The Walls of Jericho which is basically a Boston crab but in a higher standing position, Chris used the move in WCW but called it the lion tamer instead and it was a bit different. Jericho also has many cool catches phrase’s that he has come up with. One used catches phrase is when he makes his entrance on the stage he would turn around and say” Welcome to Raw Is Jericho”. In WCW he called him self "The Ayatollah of rock and Rolla”. and in WWF he would say ”PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP!" Jericho was always better as a Heel character but is very funny as both Heel and a face. Jericho is a very talented Wrestler without a shadow of a doubt he will be in the in the Hall of Fame someday. Jericho is only 39 years old right now. Y2J can achieve many more historic things in lie winning a Royal Rumble, every great superstar needs to win at least one Royal Rumble.

Recently, Chris Jericho and Gregory 'Hurricane' Helms were picked up by cops at a petrol station in the early morning hours. American gossip website TMZ report that Jericho, 39, and Helms, 35, were taken into custody in Kenton County, Kentucky, at around 5am for "alcohol intoxication in a public place.” They were questioned, photographed and then released on bail for ($120). It is expected the pair will receive a small fine. Although Jericho and Helms were at a petrol station when the incident took place, there is no suggestion that either were driving. Jericho will always be viewed as a WWE legend and will always have the respect of the WWE universe no matter how much he calls them Hypocrites and Tapeworms.

Article by Wes

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Trial of Jeff Hardy

On September 11, 2009 Jeff Hardy was arrested on charges of trafficking in controlled prescription pills and possession of anabolic steroids. Upon a search of Jeff Hardy’s house police yielded 262 prescription pills, 180 soma prescription pills, 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids, a residual amount of powder cocaine, and drug paraphernalia. He was charged with trafficking opium, two counts of felony possession with intent to sell or deliver a schedule controlled substance.

Jeff was then set for a court hearing but Jeff Hardy's hearing was postponed, after making his shocking return to the 3 hour TNA event. Recently, Jeff Hardy has been dealt yet another legal setback, Jeff Hardy's drug charges went to the grand jury a few weeks ago in Moore County, North Carolina. A grand jury found that there is enough evidence to indict Hardy and the case has been moved to superior court. It’s expected for Jeff to do 2-6 years if he is found guilty. Jeff made a very big mistake in keeping such large quantities of drugs in his home. Being fan of Jeff Hardy let’s hope he doesn't have to do any time. Maybe this horrible ordeal Jeff Hardy is going through will change him for the better. I hope for his sake and all his fans Jeff Hardy is given a second chance.

Article by Wes

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kane Underrated!

The WWE has many misused and underrated many wrestlers one being Kane, a man that's been with WWE for well over 12 years. When Kane made his debut in 1997, Just weeks later WWE had him winning match after match, at one point he literally destroyed The Hardy Boys. Kane didn't waste any time making an impact. Kane soon later defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin in a first blood match to win his very first WWE championship. Unfortunately on the very next night on RAW Kane lost it the belt but he didn't stop there.

Months later Kane teamed up with his storyline brother The Undertaker and formed the unstoppable team of ''The Brothers of Destruction'', they held many tag team championships and were together for numerous years. After beating all other teams possible, BOD separated forcing Kane and Undertaker back to singles competition. Kane went on to win the Intercontinental championship and the hardcore championship. In 2002 Kane lost a match in which he had to remove his mask. Soon after Kane’s unmasking things started going down hill for the Big Red Machine.

I think it’s quite sad to see Kane being reduced to something of a jobber. Presently, Kane barley wins any of his matches; he would always lose to people like Rey Mysterio or newbie buffoons like Kofi Kingston. In the past Kane single handedly destroyed The Hardy Boys, but now he struggles to beat guys half his size. The WWE creative team really should get kicked in their face for making a legend like Kane look like a jobber. I would hate to see Kane leave without a decent title run. Who knows maybe those moronic WWE writers will come to their senses and give him a title run, hopefully before his back is bad and his knees are shot.

Article by Wes

Friday, December 4, 2009

Umaga Passes Away

Fatu was born in American Samoa, a member of the famous Anoa'i wrestling family. His mother, Vera, was the sister of Afa and Sika of the Wild Samoans, and his later Umaga gimmick would be compared to their "wildness". His two older brothers, Sam (better known as Tonga Kid and Tama) and Solofa Jr. (better known as Rikishi), are also professional wrestlers who have achieved success of their own. Dwayne Johnson, known in wrestling as The Rock, is his cousin.

On December 4, 2009, Fatu was hospitalized in what was described as a life-threatening condition, after he apparently fell asleep on December 3, while watching television, and several hours later, his wife found him not breathing with blood coming out of his nose and he was immediately rushed to the ICU unit in a Houston, Texas hospital. It was later reported that Fatu passed away, after suffering a second heart attack.

Perry Saturn Presumed Alive!

Perry Saturn is alive! A photo recently surfaced on Facebook of the former wrestling star standing alongside a woman by the name of Lisa Kuhlemeier, whom he’s believed to be married to. While he’s gained a bit of weight, it certainly looks like Saturn.

Saturn, whose real name is Perry Alfred Satullo, had disappeared from sight for years, to the point that his children had no idea where he was. His closest friends in the Boston area had presumed he died when no one could find or contact him, particularly after the death of his mentor, Walter “Killer” Kowalski. While Triple H was Kowalski’s most famous student and the one initially expected to enjoy the most success, Satullo was said to be his favorite student. The two were very close at one point and he would have been a pallbearer had he attended his funeral.

In April 2004, Satullo was supposedly driving his girlfriend to work in Atlanta before stopping to break up an attempted rape. He was shot three times in the neck during the incident, resulting in Satullo requiring a metal plate and three stainless steel screws inserted into his C–5, C–6 and C–7 vertebrae. Anyway, there was no record anywhere of Satullo passing away, although there are many false stories of Saturn’s untimely demise on the internet.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lita Gets Around!

From Essay Rios to Matt Hardy to Edge to The Luchagors lead singer and now to CM Punk, Amy Dumas aka Lita has certainly been around the block.

The former WWE world heavyweight champion has hooked up with Amy Dumas, better known as former WWE Diva Lita.

He was previously in a relationship with Playboy cover girl and fellow grappler Maria.

Lita made worldwide headlines in 2005 when she cheated on then-boyfriend Matt Hardy with Edge, who had been one of his best mates. Her and Edge split up shortly afterwards but played lovers on WWE TV.

Rumours that Lita was dating Punk surfaced when they were pictured together at SummerSlam.

Sources close to the pair told SunSport they are seeing each other and have been for almost a year.

One said: "It's not an issue with the WWE bosses.

"It has been kept very personal and both Matt and Edge know about it, because Punk was man enough to tell both to their faces."

Lita retired from wrestling in 2007 to pursue a music career with her band The Luchagors. Who's next Lita? maybe King Kong Bundy or Kamala ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Smackdown vs Raw 2010

Thanks to the THQ and YUKES video game company WWE has been driven to success in their Smackdown video games titles. Altogether they have made 10 Smackdown video games and this fall it will be the 11th which is the scheduled release date of Smackdown vs Raw 2010. Many people say that this will be the most realistic SvR ever made. Previous SvR games were great, it seems every year there is a new twist to the games. In SvR 2009, create a finisher was born, people have been asking many years for this feature and at last they got it. Create a finisher mode was unbelievable and there was over a thousand combinations to choose to make your character and make your very own custom ground breaking finisher.

Now in SvR 2010 it is your world now and this year its all about customization and details. For the first time ever you can edit real Superstars on the roster. For example, you can take Rey Mysterio and completely change his look. Also you can choose what color you want for each side of his mask, boots, gloves, pants and elbow pads. In Smackdown vs Raw you can customize everyone on the roster; this mode is called "Superstar Threads”. Another great new feature is the new paint tool in which you can create your very own Logo Design or tattoo and take it online for the world to see. Game play has improved over the years and superstars will move more realistically than in past games. Also your created superstars are fully 3D there are no more painted on chains or cloths. Smackdown vs Raw 2010 is shaping up to be a game that will have something fun for everyone and is scheduled to hit the stores October 20th 2009.

Article by Wes

Monday, August 17, 2009

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy was born August 31st, 1977 in Cameron North Carolina. Jeff was trained by Dory Funk JR. and Michael Hayes. In his early career in WWE Jeff and his bother Matt Hardy worked as jobbers. Later the Hardy’s joined the brood with Gangrel where they were making a name for them self's and started winning matches. One of the Hardy’s greatest matches was at WrestleMania 16 in a TLC Ladder match against The Dudley Boys & Edge & Christian. That match literally changed the WWE; everyone in that match went through tables and was bashed in the head with a chair. Although the Hardy’s lost it was still a match that went down in history.

Later on The Hardy’s split up into singles competition; Jeff captured many championships including Intercontinental, Hardcore and many more. Not long after Jeff took a two year hiatus from the WWE and he joined TNA but in 2006 he resigned with WWE. Jeff won his first major WWE championship at the 2008 pay per view Armageddon, in a triple threat match against Edge and Triple H. In my opinion he deserved that belt more than anyone else. Jeff is a very unique wrestler he will put his body on the line every time he performs in the ring.

Unlike Rey Mysterio, who requires wrestlers catching him in most of his aerial moves, Jeff Hardy takes the bump. Hardy does some of the craziest moves like a swanton bomb off a 30 foot Raw set or off a 20 foot ladder. Hardy is a fearless individual that will go to the extreme to make the fans happy. Jeff lost his belt one month later in a TLC match against Edge at the 2009 Royal Rumble but Jeff quickly climbed the ladder back to championship matches. At 2009 Night of Champions he defeated CM Punk for the World Heavyweight championship. Jeff Hardy is a well respected person and many people love him for the things he does in the ring as well for his friendly personality. Recently there have been talks that Jeff wants to leave the WWE after SummerSlam to do different things and recharge his batteries. I understand that wrestling takes a toll on your body and leaves you in pain, but Jeff’s absence would leave a gaping hole in the WWE roster. In my opinion he is the best high flyer the WWE has today and it will be a big loss to see him leave. Hopefully he just wants to rest and will be back in the near future. All props to the man Jeff Hardy!

Article by Wes

Friday, July 24, 2009

Karen's Angles

A man claiming to work for TNA called into the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show Wednesday morning to say that Karen Angle and her children were presently living with Jeff Jarrett. The man noted that TNA president Dixie Carter was irate and threatening to fire Jarrett or buy his company stake out as a result of the situation. Bubba tried to call Kurt Angle to confirm this person's story, but he did not answer his phone.

For what it's worth, Kurt said during his memorable appearance on The Howard Stern Show back in March that Karen had an affair with a fellow TNA wrestler. Kurt claimed she'd stay out all night and later tell him she was hanging out with friends in the hotel lobby. Kurt said he cheated on her "a couple of times" while they were separated, but felt she slept around to get back at him. Kurt said he didn't want to reveal the name and seemed to be real awkward about the situation. Recently, it has been confirmed by independent sources that Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle are indeed romantically involved. However, it has also been confirmed that Jarrett and Karen Angle are not living together, nor have they ever lived together. That aspect of the phone call was incorrect.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Umaga's Out

On Monday June 8th 2009 WWE came to the agreements of the release of Umaga (Eddie Fatu)I was shocked when I heard the news, I thought maybe he asked for his release however, I later on found out that he violated the WWE wellness policy. WWE offered Fatu free rehabilitation but refused to seek it therefore resulting in his contract being terminated. That was a big mistake by Fatu who was getting main event slots in his WWE career. His last match was against CM punk in a Samoan strap match at the Extreme Rules Pay-Per View, which Fatu lost.

Fatu was also known as Jamal in that tag team 3 minute warning along side his partner, Rosey who then switched character to Super Hero In Training (S.H.I.T) who was also released a few years ago. On Monday April 3rd 2006 Fatu made his debut as Umaga Destroying Ric Flair. Later on in his career Umaga feuded with Kane in their last match Umaga defeated The Big Red Monster in a loser leaves raw match.

Umaga's first Wrestlemania was against Bobby Lashey in a hair match, in which if Umaga lost Vince had to shave his head bald and if Lashley lost Donald Trump had to shave his head bald. Of course Lashley won and Vince was bald. Fatu is a former United States and intercontinental champion. Fatu has many options open he can change his ways by attending rehabilitation and negotiate with WWE for a new contract. Fatu can also go to TNA were the wellness policy's are not very strict if so there is already rumors of a feud with Samoa Joe.

Article by Wes

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Randy Savage Curse!


Some say it’s a curse others say its just plain weird! Here are the mysterious facts behind the release of the long awaited Randy Savage Ultimate Collection DVD set..ohh yeahh!, the official website of Randy Savage, has launched an online petition to get the Macho Man inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

2-WWE's online store,, has put up the product page for their upcoming three-disc DVD set on the career of Randy Savage, Macho Madness - The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection. While fans can purchase the DVD by itself, WWE is also offering a package deal including the DVD, the WWE: The Main Event book, and a three-pack of miscellaneous wrist bracelets. As you can see, WWE is not going all out with their package deal on Savage as they typically offer another piece of merchandise related to the Superstar's DVD release — usually a t-shirt. There is actually a reason for the non-inclusion of another Savage product in this case.

3-According to the webmaster of Randy Savage's official website,, WWE officials do not want fans wearing t-shirts bearing his trademark likeness appearing on their television shows. As a result, WWE is not manufacturing and including a t-shirt that is typically included with DVD packages.

4-A ConAgra plant near Raleigh, N.C., that makes and packages Slim Jim beef jerky was rocked by a huge explosion on Tuesday, killing three employees and sending dozens of workers and three firefighters to hospital with severe burns or "exposure to toxic fumes." This happened the same day the Randy Savage Ultimate Collection is released.

5-It was reported last month that WWE decided against manufacturing Savage clothing in coordination with their three-disc DVD release on him as they didn't want fans wearing t-shirts bearing his trademark likeness appearing on their television shows.

6-WWE had arena security confiscate all fan signs related to "Macho Man" Randy Savage at Monday's Raw taping in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Guess the WWE does not believe in the First Amendment!)

In conclusion, I don't think anyone will really ever know why all these strange happenings took place during the release of the Randy Savage Ultimate Collection DVD set, but with strange rumors of Vince putting some sort of voodoo spell on Savage who knows what to think. I purchased the Randy Savage Ultimate Collection and there are some great matchs and interviews on there sadly its missing a documentary on the life of Savage. Curse or not Randy Savage is still one of the greatest wrestlers of all time..DIG IT.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ashley Massaro Ram Jammed?

Many fans will remember that last year, Rolling Stone Magazine revealed that former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro was allegedly an employee of the high-end escort service run by alleged madam Michelle "Nici" Braun. has now revealed several of the celebrities who were clients of the service - including "The Wrestler" star and WrestleMania guest celebrity Mickey Rourke. Other clients include Courtney Love, Jose Canseco, Charlie Sheen and magician David Blaine.

Transcontinental Madam Michelle Braun (mug-shotting above with ex-husband Farrell Kellener) had seen better days leading up to her '07 cocaine bust in Boca. Around the turn of the century, she was reportedly enjoying a 60% commission off her free-spending list of rather obvious clients including: the 'roid raging Jose Canseco, legendary lecher Charlie Sheen, Rick "Scum" Salomon, serious thespian Mickey Rourke, and talent manager Jeff Kwatinetz (who would shell out six-thousand shekels to dip his schmeckle in a former Playmate). Also, one of Braun's former prosties who sub-contracted via a pimp she just settled a six-figure claim against reports that creepy magic guy David Blaine was a frequent Nici's Girls client, and even lapsed Kabbalah enthusiast Courtney Love would often order up girls for threesomes with her boyfriend.

Madam Braun has reportedly been under investigation since 2000, But she slipped up in 2007 when she electronically pimped out another Playmate to an undercover operative in Orange County for $15,000. Identified only by her initials in court documents, a source close to the investigation tells Hollywood, Interrupted that the harlot in question was none other than former Playboy Playmate, Carrie Stevens. And, from the looks of her specs, the undercover agent would have gotten his money's worth.However, Hollywood,Interrupted has learned that former Playmate Stevens claims she does not know Michelle Braun, and has never engaged in prostitution. Fair enough. Incoming e-mail messages now suggest that the hooker in question is Playmate of the Month for May 2002, Christi Shake. So many alleged Playmate prostitutes, so little time for Madam Michelle. The burning question now is did Randy "The Ram" Ram Jam Ashley Massaro?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Age of Orton is Back!

On April 26th, 2009 at the WWE backlash pay per view, Randy Orton made history by capturing the WWE championship in a six man tag match. Your probably wondering how he won the championship in a 6 man tag match right? Well Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, and Cody Rhodes also known as The Legacy faced off against Triple H, Batista and Shane McMahon. In this match anyone can be pinned, for example if Ted DiBiase pinned Shane McMahon, Randy Orton would have won the WWE championship. On the other hand if Batista were to pin Cody Rhodes then Triple H retains his belt. The title can also change hands in a result of a disqualification or count out.

Triple H had Orton set up in his finishing move the pedigree. But then he saw Batista about to bash Cody Rhodes in the head in with a steel chair. Remember Triple H can lose the title if Batista or Shane gets disqualified. After seeing that Triple H went over to stop Batista, Triple H took the chair from him; after he took it Ted DiBiase attacked Batista. While Shane was out after a chair shot from Rhodes which the referee did not see. As Triple H turned around Orton hit the RKO followed by a punt kick. Orton went for the cover and got the win therefore becoming new WWE champion. This is Randy Orton’s second time as WWE champion. We all thought that the Age of Orton was over at WresteMania 25 because of his loss, But Orton managed to take out the McMahon family out of commission, so I guess the Age of Orton has just begun.

Article by Wes