Who Did Vince McMahon Have An Affair With?

Vince McMahon is being accused of having an affair with his former employee. According to the email sent on March 30 to the board of WWE, he recruited the 40-year-old employee for the secretary post for $100,000 but later increased it to $200,00 after they had started having sexual relations. She was also promoted to the position of director.

‘Effective immediately, [Vince] McMahon has voluntarily stepped back from his responsibilities as CEO and Chairman of the Board until the conclusion of the investigation,’ the board of directors of wrote in statement Friday morning. The board went on to reveal that McMahon will ‘retain his role and responsibilities related to WWE’s creative content’ during this span.

His Other Affairs

It is believed that Vince McMahon has had an affair with his secretary and many WWE divas, including Eva Torres, Kaitlyn, Melina Perez, Summer Rae, Kelly kelly, and many others. He is being accused to slept with them all.