The Savage Truth

Have you ever heard all the rumors as to why Macho Man Randy Savage is banned from WWE”? Well there are many rumors but which one of them is true!

Rumor#1 – Macho Man’s contract was soon expiring in the fall of 1994. Macho Man gave his word to Vince that he would resign and not leave to WCW. Supposedly Macho did the opposite and this is what lead to Vince blacklisting Macho Man. Vince being a man of his word, who has made numerous agreements signing wrestlers see’s “Giving your word” and handshake agreements as almost as good as a contract signing. So as December of 1994 had arrived WWF magazine had featured Macho Man on the cover of their magazine, only to have egg left on their face because Macho Man had did the opposite of what he supposedly promised to Vince.

Rumor#2 – After a very successful decade in WWE, “Macho Man” Randy Savage left the company in 1994 as he was unhappy with being used more as a color commentator than an in-ring performer. He had a career resurgence in WCW but did not rejoin WWE when Vince McMahon famously bought his biggest competition in 2001. Nevertheless, he seemed to still have a good relationship with the company as he praised WWE and McMahon in multiple interviews in the early 2000s. Savage even gave an interview to WWE Magazine in 2003 following the passing of his real-life ex-wife, Miss Elizabeth, who served as his valet/manager for years. But things changed a bit in 2004 when Triple H, who had married Stephanie McMahon the year before, said in a magazine interview of his own that Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage were “dinosaurs”, which clearly didn’t sit well with Savage. He posted a video of himself in a gym bashing Triple H for his comments and followed it up by saying multiple times that he would steal Stephanie McMahon from him and take her for “a ride around the block.” It was around this time that the rumor seemed to get started.

Rumor#3 – The story goes that when McMahon was just seventeen years old, she began to date Randy Savage, hiding it from her father for several years. While internet and water cooler conversations continue to grow the rumor, some believe that Linda McMahon helped to hide her daughter’s abortion in order to cover up the relationship and others are convinced that Savage was blackballed from the WWE after Vince found out, which led to McMahon’s refusal to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame until after his passing in 2011. Hogan wasn’t the only one who would address the rumor as Stephanie Bellars, Savage’s ex-girlfriend also stated in a 2020 interview that Savage, while the couple was on ecstacy, admitted to his relationship with the young McMahon.

On May 2020, Stephanie Bellars, the ex-girlfriend of Randy Savage who also served as his valet in his later days in WCW as Gorgeous George, appeared on The Hannibal TV YouTube channel and said that the “Macho Man” told her everything that happened with Stephanie McMahon. When specifically asked if she was told, this was Bellars’ response:

“Oh, he told me. He told me one day when we were on Ecstacy on the beach. I think he didn’t mean to tell me that and then the next morning he goes, ‘Did I tell you anything last night on the beach?’ I’m like, ‘You sure did.’ He knew exactly what he said and he was like ‘sh*t’ because it was kind of like the truth drug. Once he got on that he just started telling me everything. Somehow, I don’t think Bellars is telling the truth, maybe she should take some truth drug?